Will Smith chose his christmas movie favorite, and teamed up with one of his biggest hits


Will Smith close a year that brought the most successful film of his career as an actor: “Aladdin“, where she played the beloved Genie of the Lamp in the version live action film, was consecrated at the box office worldwide as one of the six Disney films that managed to surpass the billion dollars in revenues around the planet.

Also this year, the performer who began his career in the early nineties with “The Prince of Bel Air” he presented his own production company called Westbrook as a family business. Through Instagram, where it has over 40 million followers, the actor has managed to show what your studio can do.

Between special effects and funny shorts, the interpreter also edited the poster of his film favorite christmas: “My poor little angel“ and made a crossover with one of his films most recognized as it is. “I Am Legend“. “This is my house and I must defend it”, wrote the critically acclaimed Will Smith to submit your posting.

In the poster itself, can be read: “the last man on Earth is alone at home” and the drawing parody the historical scene of Kevin McAllister (Macauly Culkin) after shaving, while the two thieves look out the window and study the situation to steal. The publication received half a million likes in a matter of hours.

Despite the huge efforts of promotion, “Project Gemini” it represented a great loss to Smith. Soon, the actor will put his voice to the main character of “Spy hidden“, an animation in which he shared recording studio together with Tom Holland. In addition, the January 16 premiere “Bad Boys For Life“, the third installment of the renowned franchise of action starring alongside Martin Lawrence.