Woman pretends to be Jennifer Aniston to win double of Brad Pitt


A while ago we told you about the double argentine Brad Pitt in TikTok. It is Luciano Chierichettia young man that already has over 17 thousand followers by their great resemblance to the actor.

Now it turns out that you did your ideal partner, as a fellow countryman of yours said to be the Jennifer Aniston argentinaaccording to setpoint ‘Meganoticias’. Through digital tools, the woman managed to be egalitarian to the protagonist of “Friends” and former wife of Pitt.

“Everyone tells me I look like Jennifer and now that I have my Brad Pitt in argentina I want to know“notes as a joke in your profile.

@larusachornyI go back to convert into a toad ? ? Thanks ##jeniferaniston by both!! @lucianochierichet ##bradpitt will be in the next life ##parati ##fypI original sound – larusachorny

The same user also was commissioned to show how it achieves the striking resemblance to Aniston: through the application “Impressions”. Although this is a trick, the woman said that the hair itself is it.

“When it expires the application and is just the charm,” he joked in one of his videos, where he shows his true face.

If you’ve always wanted me to be like Jennifer Aniston, it was your chance!

@larusachornyReply to @carlaperez629 ##morph This for iPhone Very fun ##fyp ##parati ##humor ##divetidos ##quarantine ##parati

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