A man tried to rob the house to Halle Berry


A man attempted to rob the home of Halle Berry. Eye, to appropriate the house as is, not its contents (which should be well cool).

Ronald Eugene Griffin it seems that he was obsessed with the mansion of The Angels of the Oscar winner wearing putting together a plan since last January. Man of 59 years created a false deed, and hired a locksmith to enter, according to TMZ.

Griffin had been seen on the property of Berry, but he left when he was approached by the gardener. He returned in march with a locksmith and he came to change one of the locks. When he was met by the staff of Berry – this is the best part – Griffin I called the authorities!

The trickster tried to claim that the employees of Berry were the ones who were invading their private property by filing the documents that the police easily detected as fake. Griffin was arrested on acquisition, the writing forged, and petty theft.

It was not specified if Berry was in the house during the incident. But the home-style Mediterranean in Hollywood Hills with views of the ocean, a swimming pool and whirlpool, and high ceilings and is valued at $3.8 million appears to be quite striking. In 2011, Berry returned to his home and found an intruder in the kitchen.

“When you open the glass door of the kitchen, enter and close it, suddenly I felt someone behind me and, at the voltearme, I saw an intruder standing less than a foot away, looking at me through the door”, it was said the actress to the authorities. The man was arrested at that time.

Can you stay in that house after those incidents?