Alex Morgan, the face of the ‘US Team’ and women’s football

Inside and outside the field of play, Alex Morgan goes on the attack: the model of the united States collects trophies, advertising contracts and conflicts alike. In the World of France by the time he has lived very different situations.

Started the tournament scoring five goals in the 13-0 on Thailand (the largest victory in the history of the World), was booked in the win 3-0 to Chile, and returned in the 2-0 against Sweden but it was withdrawn at the break due to a “bump” in the right knee, according to his coach Jill Ellis.

This discomfort does not seem that the move away from the second round on Monday against Spain in Reims.

At 29 years old, Morgan is an exception in football. Its advertising revenues and sponsorship contracts do not have comparison with that of his peers and opposing and account with more followers on social networks that “O Rei” Pelé and other stars of the sport.

A popularity which did not only grow from that Sports Illustrated included in its annual number of bathing suits.

But the californian, second captain of his selection, he prefers that it is recognized by their goals and their battles, or even for his books for adolescents, adapted to television by the giant Amazon.

Morgan became the last month at the seventh player in u.s. exceed 100 goals with your selection and has no intention of stopping there. Because leads 106 in 165 games.

However, the attacker’s Orlando Pride has accounts outstanding in the World Cup: in his first participation in 2011, just might stand out and not been able to prevent the defeat of his own in the final against Japan (2-2, 1-3 in criminal).

Four years later, in Canada, the ‘US Team’ ended up standing with the trophy, but Morgan, with physical problems in a knee, could only mark a both and the bulbs were to stop to Carli Lloyd.

Since then, has done no more than Polish his resume with a prominent treble (League-French Cup-Champions League) during his brief stint with Lyon in 2017.

It also became one of the spokespersons of your selection that led to the prosecution of their federation just before the start of the World in search of equal pay and the same working conditions that the men’s team american.

“We, the sportsmen, we must do more and give example to the future generations”, explained recently in Time magazine, which devoted its cover just before the start of the tournament.

“Do they do the athletes? Do you think in something more than themselves? I don’t know. What I do know is that we do more than them and they pay us less,” he assured the couple of the also footballer Servando Carrasco, partner of the swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the mexican Jonathan Dos Santos in The los Angeles Galaxy.

President Donald Trump has been the latest focus of their criticism, and has already warned that it will not go to the White House if they win the title next July 7.

“I don’t agree with many of the things that defends the current administration. There is a discourse that we have heard hundreds of times related to the athletes: ‘I Limitaos to the sport! But we are much more than that, okay?”, remember the number 13 of the ‘US Team’.

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