Antonio Valencia and other sports stars expressed their rejection for the death of George Floyd


The manifestations of rejection in Minneapolis, The united states, by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, the stars of the sport are coupled with expressions against racial violence in the US, The footballer ecuadorian Antonio Valencia is joined with a message.

The fact that it happened the Monday, may 25, 2020when Derek Chauvinas a police officer, placed his knee on the neck of Floyd while he was handcuffed on the ground during an arrest.

The agent remained in that position for several minutes, causing the death of Floyd. The fact was recorded on video and the broadcasting of images caused outrage around the world.

The protests antirraciales in Minneapolis during four consecutive nights, several sports figures they shared messages of outrage on their social networks, calling for justice in memory of George Floyd.

The world of football is not indifferent to the manifestations of rejection by racism, police abuse, and respect for justice. During a new day of the Bundesligathe u.s. Winston Mckeenie, player of the Schalke 04wore a band on his left arm with the legend “Justice for George” in the duel against the Werder Bremen.

The ecuadorian Luis Antonio Valencia also joined to the protest messages. With the hashtag #georgefloyd, the exlateral of the Manchester United and two times world cup with the ‘Tri’, shared in Instagram a photo of her arm in protest. “I’m Black and I’m proud of my color,” published.

Alex Morgantwo times champion of the World with the women’s national team of the USA, also poured criticism on the death of the african american man 46 years of age: “so disgusted beyond words by the brutal police murder of George Floyd. When will be treated and respected all americans equally, regardless of race and gender? We yearn for true leadership and inclusion from the top.”

“The african-american community needs our help. Have not been listened to for too long. Open your ears, listening, and speaking. This is not political. This is about human rights”, published on twitter Joe Burrow, the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals NFL. Other figures in the NFL as Steve Kerr and Stehpen Curry, ‘coach’ and player of the Golden State Warrios, expressed their rejection to the violent event.

LeBron James, eave The Los Angeles Lakers, was in contrast to the strong images of the arrest with the protest Colin Kaepernick, exmariscal field of the San Francisco 49ers and activist for the rights of racial, carried out during the hymn of the EE.UU. Colin used to kneel before each game in protest while listening to the anthem, which is why he was excluded from the NFL.