Bad Bunny generates barrage of criticism for mentioning Lady Gaga – paper Edition


Yesterday the singer Anuel AA launched under the label of Sony Music Latin, an album titled “Emmanuel” , which includes collaborations with artists as well as the very Bad Bunny, Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin, Karol G, Lil Wayne, Ozuna, Tego Calderon and Travis Barker. This work is the second disc of the career of the performer, who has achieved fame as one of the leading exponents of the genre of urban today.

“ Don’t cry woman” with Travis Barker, “Until God tells you” next to Bad Bunny, “Football and Rumba” in union with Enrique Iglesias, “Fuck everyone” in the company of Farruko & Zion, and “China” with Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna & J. Balvin are the titles of some of the songs contained on the new album.

Precisely, “Until God says” it is the object of the controversy. In the song Bad Bunny sings: “ She is my Lady Gaga and I, her Bradley Cooper, she swallows it and then I spit out”, which has raised the discomfort and criticism of many of his followers. So much so that the label “ BadBunnyisoverparty ” (LafiestadeBadBunnyseacabó”) has been the trend on twitter from this Friday until late morning this Saturday.

“ I don’t know why I’m surprised, almost all of their songs denigrate women. But still perreando, in the end, the hypocrisy”, “How can you be a feminist when all the lyrics of their songs speak of the woman as a sex object”, “each song of reggaeton is clearly against feminism. He only said that it was feminist as a strategy to increase their popularity. If those offended don’t listen to their songs” are some of the innumerable messages under the tag quoted can be read against the interpreter. Others, however, claim that “tomorrow is going to forget the song and the verse and they will keep waiting for the next album” and that the issue is a matter of marketing.

At the end of march, Bad Bunny she played an independent woman in the music video of his song, “I dirty dancing alone”. In this clip, audiovisual, published less than a month after the release of their latest album “YHLQMDLG”, the puerto rican pulled out of the title of that work to “do what gives you the win” and break the stereotypes and gender roles. All the details, from the letter to the theatre, passing by the participants in the video, have the clear message that women do not need men to make your life. With lyrics like “You call if you need to, but for now she’s all alone” or “no slimy it will stick”, the letter expresses the freedom to be able to feel the women to go out to have fun without being judged, piropeadas or even compromised. The song, where the musician is dressed as a woman, reached in three days nearly 40 million views on YouTube.

In addition, the interpreter was one of the leaders of the demonstrations against the former governor Ricardo Rosselló, in the summer of 2019 that contributed to his resignation after unfolding a chat in which the president and close collaborators were critical to numerous groups of society, including the homosexual and made derogatory comments of women. In turn, in other of his songs has championed the value of women and in 2018 he produced “Only me” where condemnation of male violence, while in 2019 pulled “High” where he argues the sexual diversity. This year in the space night television, american presenter Jimmy Fallon visibilizó the murder of a transgendered person, Alexa, in Puerto Rico while out dress with a camisole that read: ”Killed to Alexa. Not a man with a skirt”. For some, the ragman is an example of a claim of feminism, and diversity, while for others the prevailing machismo in his lyrics.