Bella Thorne will debut as director in film for adults


Be one of the stars of Disney Channel 9 years ago with the series Shake It Up, now at 21 years of age, Bella Thorne, give a different turn to his artistic career, as debut as director of a pornographic movie.

Bella, who in addition to being an actress is also a writer and singer, he directed the movie entitled Her & Him from the adult site, PornHub, which will be screened at the Film Festival of Odenburg, Germany, from 11 to 15 September.

“The process of filming was very interesting because we had sex real on the set, which he had never before shot”said in an interview.

“Her & Him explores the relationship between a man and a woman and their struggle over the domination”, said about what will treat this tape with adult content.

Meanwhile, Corey Price, the vp of PornHub, said the film was a “representation of modern and sexually explicit of Romeo and Juliet. Two lovers crossed by stars, they feel an unrestrained sexual desire for one another”.