Britney Spears and a strong message against cyber-bullying –


The pop star spoke about the battle with the trolls and the haters.

Britney Spears opens up and tells his battle against the trolls of the internet, which makes you think twice before sharing your life on social networks.

The pop star spoke about her current battle with the trolls of the Internet and how they affect your life.

The singer, 38-year-old posted a video where he showed to his 23,2 million followers to its impressive christmas decorations.

Then he posed with a white blouse in your balcony, with Santa Claus Is Coming To Town playing in the background.

Britney, who is still under guardianship, which means that their personal and financial decisions are in the hands of a professional.

The star revealed that he finds it difficult to share something of his personal life with fans.

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Happy holidays friends!!!! I love to share with all of you… but it has been difficult to continue trying to share because people say things, very hurtful! Started

If you do not like a publication… let’s just not say anything and leave that person! There is no reason to get out of your life to make comments bad and harass people. ¡¡¡Stay happy and enjoyable this holiday season and God bless!!!!! Culminated