Britney Spears breaks out by the criticisms of his haters on Instagram


It is clear that if Britney was able to with 2007 nothing kill it, and least a few comments in the social networks. But it is clear that upset and so wanted to express it. During the Easter holidays could see the singer Britney Spears in a few disturbing images to come out of the mental health center where he was admitted voluntarily to “take a break”.

Months after that, when it seems to have exceeded the new bump in your road is not happy with some of his followers in Instagram, network that goes up a large part of their day-to-day. The artist has wished to congratulate the parties to their followers by recognizing that every time makes it more difficult to share your life in networks, by the criticism from some internet users.

“Merry christmas to all friends! I love to share with you … but it is difficult because people say such unpleasant things!”, has begun explaining in the text that accompanies a video that shows how you have decorated this year your christmas tree.

She has the perfect recipe for the haters, which recommends that the leave of follow. “If you don’t like a posting … keep it to yourself and leave this person. There is No reason to act like you do by leaving bad comments and bullying others. Stay happy and kind during this holiday season, and God bless you protect,” he added.

The interpreter Oops!…I Did It Again he has received the support of a large number of users in the network, including her boyfriend, Sam Ashgari, who has disfigured that some hide behind the anonymity of the internet to insult without consequences. “It is very easy to attack cyber bullying and to hide behind their phones and post comments evil, but when they are with you in real life, suddenly, they act as if they were big fans and they want a picture,” commented Sam in the post of his girlfriend.