Britney Spears burning by accident in his home gym


Candles can be a decorative element of the most romantic. But it also has its dangers and that is precisely what he has wanted to warn Britney Spears to their fans in their latest release of Instagram.

The singer, who during this confinement is up several videos sports, revealed this past Friday, a dramatic occurrence that happened a few months ago. His fondness for candles caused a fire that swept through his home gym.

Had placed two candles and, yes, one thing led to another and burnt it all”

”I had set two candles and, yes, one thing led to another and burnt it all”, has confessed in a video recorded at that same gym. The artist has insisted that it was an accident, but has asked her fans who have careful with the candles.

“I passed the gym door, and the flames did-boom! By the grace of God, the alarm rang after that and ‘yippy hoorah’ no one was injured”, has written in networks, where many were delighted that, despite the incident, she and yours are well.

”Unfortunately, now I only have two pieces of equipment, and a gym with mirrors on one side only. But it could be much worse, so I am grateful. I like to exercise better outside anyway”, he concludes.