BTS could be a substitute for Cardi B and leave it without a job


BTS has promoted a lot with his album “Map of the soul 7”, the guys traveled to the united States to offer a series of entrevistasy record several programs.

His most recent performance in “The late late show” it was a dose of fun, zumba classes and demonstration of talent that attracted the reaction of some singers, even took away the job to someone. Kháaa

BTS surprised at the ARMY on board ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with James Corden, where they performed several songs as his single “ON” and the cover of “Finesse”of Cardi B and Bruno Mars, they did so well that the rapper said he was left without work.

Cardi first published a tweet of the video BTS next to James, but then admitted that now she would live in a cardboard box as a vagrant, as Hobi and Jungkook they did a great interpretation that might as well replace it. LOL

Cardi it was not the only one,
Bruno also thanked them for having sung your song and decided to praise them through your account
Twitter. For its part,
Steve Aoki he was surprised that
BTS will sing your remix of MIC Drop. The boys continue to win over friends of the celebs thanks to her personality and talent.