Cardi B publishes modulated photo in bikini before their surgeries and then repents


Cardi B he surprised his followers when he published when he was 20 years old, and where not held by the luxuries that now boasts, but more simple and a stomach more pronounced.

In the image, the singer appears sitting, listening to music on his headphones and showing off her figure in a bikini. It is evident that it had not yet done the nose surgery, or any aesthetic change in his face.

As was expected, fans were quick to react to the publication and began to attack it.

  • “These tattoos-so-ordinary”
  • “When you were cheap and common”
  • “Those glasses of drunk newly-dawned”
  • “We are what we eat, how that belly what mor?”
  • “That belly button is going to fly out”
  • But what happened to you? Uyyy if you’ve changed

A few hours barely had passed and the rapper erased the image because of the negative comments; however, little lasted the taste because the photo had already been replicated in multiple profiles.

Real hair

This weekend, the artist surprised in his social networks with an unexpected video in which, for the first time, taught how to is your authentic hair.

“Look at my hair. This is my real hair,” she explained to her fans while touching the mane in your bathroom, just before showering.

In the pictures you can see his hair completely curly and very wild, nothing to do with the melena ultra lisa that she usually carries in her concerts and events. “Wow, I’m very proud of myself,” he said.

Either they went unnoticed its long nails multicolor with glitter that led up to the users to get the same question: “How can you wash your hair with this manicure?.