Catch Selena Gomez in a mini short denim jeans which showed off her great beauty


Selena Gomez loves to wear clothes that are comfortable and fresh and in these times, in which the temperature starts to climb, the young man demonstrates the best way to do it with this short jeans that showcased her beautiful legs.

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The photo was shared by a fan page where you share some of the best photographs taken by paparazzi of the singer and actress, in the picture wears a short denim with a cut-out style cachetero, also using blouse of pastel pink a little release that manages to capture its attributes front and highlight its beauty.

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The photo has 5 thousand I like it, but it is sure that if Selena would come up photographs using this set on her official account had millions of “likes”, therefore it is super wanted by the public and very pretty, so anyone who sees it delights in.

The comments on the photo were not left out, as their fans also get to see the accounts of fans, because there are displayed images a bit more interesting in some occasions, so that they can lose and they comment how much they like.

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In these moments Selena is sheltered in the house, since don’t want to get or spread to anyone, although it has not stopped working, since his home has kept working on their projects, advertising their new line of makeup called Rare Beauty, and also working on new music.

It should be recalled that some days ago went viral a few photos of Selena Gomez, where he was captured with his new style of hair, however, many users questioned the veracity of these photos and it turned out to be as well.

For this you must not worry, Selena is still wearing her hair long and beautiful, continues his look always looks pretty good. And even, if he had made the cut of hair of which we were speaking, it would still look very beautiful.