Celebrities are in Jalisco, the ‘magic formula’ for business


Salma Hayek, Nick Jonas, Adam Levine, Kate del Castillo, Carlos Santana, Daddy Yankee, ACDC, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Puff Daddy, among other celebrities have decided to have your own brand of tequila, which is made from Mexico and give him constant promotion abroad.

Throughout the world recognize the distillate, which is a favourite among celebrities from Mexico and the rest of the world.

Despite the fact that the mezcal has been gaining ground, and the distillate of blue agave maintains its status and many celebrities are joining the large group of artists who engage with his own brand of tequila.

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“This definitely brings us more than 20 brands of products that have been developed, while others are pending, such as Frida Kahlo, a brand that at any time will leave the market. Without a doubt, they have brought great benefits, because they have the tequila to specific sectors, with other figures of the artistic medium, the sectors with high purchasing power that put them in the big award ceremonies or Hollywood movies where it is provided with tequila, something that in the past 25 years, we never imagined that we would be. Have been 10 years of steady growth and they (celebrities) have played an important role,” said Ramon Gonzalez Figueroa, director of the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT).

Public figures must follow a series of requirements in order to make a quality product, which is not only based on his fame.

“It has rescued the value of a product with a history that has allowed 158 distilleries and more than a thousand 700 marks to get the tequila to the most demanding palates. Brands must develop the liquid in some of the 158 distilleries (150 in Jalisco) in five Mexican states (Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas). The canner abroad must have a certificate of approval and agreement of co-responsibility to prevent misuse of the tequila so as not to lose the quality,” the director added of the CRT.

Promoters of tequila

Alex Gonzalez of Mana / Bad Life

“Tequila is the one drink I’ve enjoyed all my life, the most significant of the essence of mexico. After searching for the best lands of the agave, to work with jimadores and master tequila, born Bad Life. I’m from Guadalajara and I’ve taken to tequila, the whole of life, in addition to that I love, I took it since I was 15 years old, is something that is already part of my being, of the culture of Jalisco and Mexico,” said Alex.

George Clooney / Casamigos

The famous actor, he founded with two of his friends, his own tequila from a stay in Mexico, called Casamigos. In 2017, the british company leader in the segment of alcoholic beverages, Diageo purchased the brand of Clooney in a transaction of close to a billion dollars.

Salma hayek /Heirs

Salma is working as entrepreneur of the tequila. This distillate comes from Tequila, Jalisco and is, as she describes it, “old, sober and unpunished.”

Daddy Yankee / Poster

The reggaetonero puertorriqueño created its own distilled premium called Poster.

Kate del Castillo/ the Honour of the Castle

Was associated with the family Vivanco of Arandas, who have a great tradition in the industry of distilling, to launch the Tequila in Honor of the Castle are: Reflection, white; Redemption, vintage clear; Sharp, reposado, and Affirmation, of type old.

Adam Levine / Holy

The drink is tequila-100 percent agave Weber and mezcal 100 percent agave Sprat.

Carlos Santana / Noble House

Carlos Santana, born in jalisco, mexico decided to contact the producers to learn more about their process, tradition, and without thinking, he became a partner.

Justin Timberlake / Sauza 901

Since 2009, the musician made an alliance with casa Sauza, to be able to launch her own line of tequila: Sauza 901, a number which refers to the city of Memphis. It is a white tequila, 100% blue agave, triple-distilled.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock/ Teremana

The latest to join this guild (April 2018) is the actor Dwayne Johnson. The tequila is a product made in Jalisco.

Michael Jordan / Cincoro

Is now among the brands of tequila, most expensive that sold was manufactured in a distillery existing Jalisco that bottles other 96 marks.

Puff Daddy / DeLeón

From The highlands of Jalisco comes from the agave of DeLeón tequila that Puff Daddy acquired with Diageo in 2014.

Thunderstruck / ACDC

Tequila of the band that reflects the “restless spirit” of the classic song which gives name, Thunderstruck. The band of metal has on the market wine, beer and tequila. and

Nick jonas / Villa One

Jenny Rivera / Lady

Mario Lopez and Oscar de la Hoya

Recently recorded promotional tequila in Arandas, Jalisco.