Christian Nodal reveals the truth behind the mergers of their new album “Ayayai”



Most guys 21 years of age have dreams and goals about their lives. Christian Nodal is a great exception. The artist wants “the world to fall in love with the music of mexico” and to achieve this has included on his new album “Ayayay” some of their mergers more daring and letters more romantic.

“I would not that the genre is called regional mexican. I would that it were nothing more mexican music and who would not have fear of how to merge it with another music. So you will go away,” the singer said to EFE during an interview from his home in Mexico.

It is a fear that has never let that stop him because he wouldn’t be able to be one of the latinos are more young people on to win a Latin Grammy, three Billboard Latin Music Awards and the award for artist of the year at the Premio Lo nuestro of 2019.

Neither would have allowed him to dare to include in his new album the song “it Is Not Fair to X It”, a fusion of salsa with mariachi and the music of the north of Mexico, a genre that the composer called “mariasalseño”. He had previously done a version with band instruments “I don’t know morning”, the success of the nicaraguan Luis Enrique, but this song is of his authorship.

In addition, Nodal wanted to go a little beyond and Now I fell in love with” remember the first songs of rock in Spanish of the 60’s, when Enrique Guzmán and César Costa became the “Elvis Presley mexican”.


What is not released in “Ayayay” or the second part of this musical proposal that will launch in the autumn (boreal), it was his passion for mariachi. This genre, pure or merged, says that will accompany you forever in your career.

In fact, one of the songs that illusion makes it is the duet that he did with Angela Aguilar, who comes in the next disc. “I’m very grateful that Pepe Aguilar gave me permission to record with her. I have much affection and respect a lot. It is one of the big ones of the genre”, he said.

Nodal said that the time he spends at his home in Mexico, where it remains due to the quarantine, has allowed it to further consolidate its strategy to convert to the mexican music in the next global phenomenon, and “to achieve what they did the city”.

That was why he decided to be the first of the genre to test the tendency to take an “Extended Play” (EP); as is known to the format that identifies the disks that are between six and eight songs.

“In the regional mexican is used to remove a disk 10 or 12, but within my strategy, we decided to convert the work into two EP. It is a way of allowing the fans to know all the songs well,” he revealed.

Yes, the passion is the same and stated that he got “a blast of effort, a stream of love and very excited”.


One of the keys to the success of Christian Nodal is how it has managed to tell stories of love modern with a base as ancient as the mariachi.

An example of this is “toxic Love”, the song that is promoted with the disk and that speaks of a couple who live a romance turbulent, but that in spite of the fights, both of them decide that so they prefer to their relationship.

Also has fallen in love and the heartbreak when it has made their successful collaborations with artists such as Sebastian Yatra, Camilo, David Bisbal and Ana Barbara, among others.

Unfortunately love has not been with him. The artist said that the first thing you will do when you can get out of your house is “seeking bride” because she has “been very alone all this time” and wants to remedy.