Coca Michelle, the eccentric artist responsible for the nails of Rosalia and Cardi B


If you are a fan of the gel nails what you’ll be going very wrong during this quarantine without being able to go to your salon you trust to make your manicure. It is true that it is not the best time to get this type of nail is so long, we know. But the arrival of spring, and almost that of summer, invites you to paint the fingers, for example, in pastel shades, one of the trends this year 2020.

But if that doesn’t convince you get them to yourself at home, as you can go thinking what will be the next design wear your uñitas when we are a country free of coronavirus.

Someone who can serve of inspiration is Coca-Michellethe new architect of the nail Rosalia, Cardi B or the Spanish model Sita Abellán.

The queen of the Tra-traf cking can’t live without their claws gel (not even during the quarantine), so that has counted with the services of Michelle. Yes, this ‘visual poet’, as defined in your account of Instagram, is responsible of nail technology Rosalia.

After wearing this design, so original, that his fans were wondering if you hide the topics that is recording in Los Angeles, the artist decided to recortárteselas a light (we assume that to be able to wash their hands with less difficulty).and told another time with Coca to paint your nails. This time, with hearts in eyes.

No doubt these designs they are very basic in comparison with all that Coca is able to do. This young woman born in London leads to from 6 years doing nailsaccording to a report in the edition of Vogue for the united States. It is not surprising that in all that time practicing to be able to do things so mind-blowing as these:

A snack with oreos

A hiding place for the alcohol

Has anyone ever order French fries?

All the characters of Toy Story in the palm of the hand (nails that secure that Bad Bunny would like to be)

Until you can pick up the Buzz with ‘the ganchooo’

Looking for a Wally when you get bored

Pokemon and Mario Bros: the combination gamer

A christmas tree portable