Criticize Salma Hayek for boast about having an owl; she responds | THE IMPARTIAL

UNITED STATES.- Salma Hayek has expressed his love for animals since always, so it is not surprising to see it adopted to a new species, the bad thing here is that there are those who criticize it for doing so.

The actress went on the morning of this Saturday, to his official Instagram to share an image of this ‘sleeping’ while an owl perches on his head.

‘When you sleep with glasses and an owl in the head’, wrote the famous in the description of the publication in which it received the accreditation for part of their fans, however, a user is judged by having pets instead of releasing them in their natural habitat.

‘All here: oh, that’s very cute; I Want to have one of those. Can you imagine living away from your family and your own habitat? That is exactly what they feel the animals are forced to live with humans! There are No differences Grown a little awareness and compassion towards animals,’ he said.

Clear that the famous not to be silent, especially because I was not going to tolerate that describe you as someone who does not have compassion with animals.

‘we a rescue. The owls do not stay with their families, they are animals, very lonely. Are not recommended as pets, they can also be aggressive, but this loves me. Maybe because, I promise, take care of her very well. She flies out and everything. I like that you are protective of animals,’ he said.

It should be noted that the house of Salma is almost a ‘zoo’, as it has many animals of different species.