Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson put an end to their relationship a month after announcing it


The past month of November Demi Lovato, 27 years of age, confirmed with an image in Instagram she and Austin Wilsonof 25 years, maintained a sentimental relationship. Now, last little more than a month, it seems things have not finished to set between them and that both have decided to break their dating.

As have told sources close to the portal E! Online, the singer american and the model they decided to put an end to their brief idyll because of the incompatibility of their lifestyles: “She is very focused on his sobriety and in God, and he did not fit well with that. Is still working on herself and committed with that.”

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi continues to work on his music. That is her focus, and nothing is going to change. Decided it was best to go our separate ways. There are No hard feelings simply because their relationship as a couple would not work with him,” said the same source, which has coincided with the statements another person close to the singer and actress to People magazine: “he is excited by what will bring the next chapter of your life in 2020”.

Agree with what you have pointed to numerous us media outlets throughout the weekend and, as you can verify in the own social networks of the now former spousein addition to having put an end to their idyll in the past few days, both have decided to remove all traces possible in their profiles, so that there is no longer any image or comments that were exchanged weeks ago.

Demi Lovato along with Austin Wilson

Demi Lovato along with Austin Wilson

In addition, according to has writing online media, ‘E! News’, after the followers of Demi Lovato began to criticize her now ex-boyfriend nothing more to know the end of his relationship, has had to be the singer herself, who sends a message to the accounts of fans asking respect and understanding towards him.

“Please, do not go after him. It’s a good guy, much better than what people see on the outside just because they have many tattoos. The breakups are difficult for both parties involved. Thirst pleasant”, has pleaded Lovatowhich , after a month, is already back in the singleness.