Demi Lovato returns to the stage after his overdose and rehabilitation | Music


On the 5th of December Demi Lovato cast to the world the news of his return to music with a photo in black and the text: “The next time that you hear me, I’ll be singing.” Few understood this cryptic message, but the soloist has lived up to his word. His absence for over a month on social networks has come to an end today after being confirmed as one of the artists who will perform at the Grammy 2020.

It will be the first time that a solo american to get on a stage after suffering an overdose that almost ended his life, and go through a rehabilitation center to get away from alcohol and drugs. After this tragic episode, the interpreter hired Scooter Braun as a manager in order to relaunch his career and it seems that this 2020 has been the year chosen.

The two big questions now are flying over the performance of the Grammy-2020 around Demi Lovato are: do you will Sing a new song that we will advance to a new disk? What will be resentful his voice after all the process of recovery?

It is likely that the answer to the first question is yes. Remember that on the 15th of November announced that it was in the recording studio preparing a song: “Recording a song for my loyal Lovatics – The ones who support me and whatever makes me happy… If you hating – that ain’t you. Bye” (“Recording a song for my loyal Lovatics – The only ones who support me and make me happy no matter what. If you hate, is not for you. Bye-bye”). His new song is already on the way under the production of Oak Felder with whom he has already worked on songs like Sorry not sorry, Only forever and Games.

The answer to the second is probably not. A star of worldwide fame, such as Demi Lovato does not want to risk to get to the stage of the Grammy 2020 without being at full performance. In the first few weeks after his discharge and admission to a rehabilitation centre emerged strong rumors that his voice might have been damaged. Sources close to the artist claimed that the power vocal of Demi would have been affected and that I would need assistance from a professional to return to retrieve it. If that has happened, we have not been witnesses but it seems that a new musical project is underway.

The award ceremony of the 62nd Grammy Awards will take place next 26th January at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with a lineup of performances formed until the moment by Ariana Grande, Aerosmith, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Black Shelton along to Gwen Stefani, Tyler the Creator and Rosalia which will put the Spanish accent to one of the music shows more spectacular of the year.

Lizzo part as a great favorite for these Grammy awards with 8 nominations followed by Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X with 6, Ariana Grande with 5, Lady Gaga with 3 and Taylor Swift, Lana del Rey and Rosalia with 2.

Alicia Keys will be the master of ceremonies of the gala for the second consecutive year in addition to participating in a tribute to Prince alongside ae Juanes, Chris Martin, and other artists.