Did you know that Bella Hadid and Justin Bieber have Lyme disease?


Despite the fact that the famous singer Justin Bieberannounced that was suffering from the Lyme diseaseis not the first famous that makes it public. In regard to this disease, it is transmitted by ticks, caused by the bacterium borrelina burgdorfeir, in its scientific name. It is worth noting that deer ticks can carry the bacteria that causes this disease and that her condition, on many occasions, in mockery.

Before that, the performer of “Yummy” would know this information, your fellow countryman and singer Avril Lavigne; the mexican actress Thalia; actor Richard Gere; the brother of his wife Hailey baldwin; actress Jamie Lynn Singler and the model Bella Hadidin addition to many other celebrities, they had already made known the condition of the disease. What are the symptoms? or How can you diagnose this condition?

What are the details of the disease?

It is important to note, that not all people who are bitten by a tick infected come to suffer from the disease. Among the symptoms most prominent, is a rash, although not all are typically present. But, with the passing of time, the infection spreads in the body and produces fever, headache, body aches, tiredness and stiffness in the neck.

Even, according to the studies of this disease, the most important symptoms do not appear for weeks, months, or years after the tick bite. But it is possible that these pathologies to achieve cause severe headaches and arthritis painful more inflammation of the joints; also that heart problems may occur, or in the central nervous system.

Perhaps, the most complex of Lyme diseaseis that your diagnosis is complex, because its symptoms are very similar to that of a flu or any other disease. Even so, it is very likely that the person would not have noticed the tick bite. In consequence of the condition of the canadian singer, his wife, has made various pronunciations through his Twitter account, ensuring that it is not the game, or mockery.