Embarrassment: get Caught Maluma in this circumstance, and then don’t wash your hands!


Maluma is more and more natural in their social networks So they captured him in commission of a crime by doing this!

Since he ended his relationship with Natalia Barulich, Maluma is displayed each time more natural in their social networks.

From amazing hair cuts himself, to serve as a barber to his dad, Maluma has done it all during these days at home.

Also saw him joking about having a “romance” with a friend, which turned out to be a mannequin a beautiful wig.

Practicing sports, walking and playing with their dogs, singing and even drinking a good glass of wine, Maluma he’s done everything in his residence in Medellín.

But in this opportunity, Maluma was caught commission of a crime in the worst of circumstances, and the worst thing of all is that you never washed his hands after.

And until the super-model Winnie Harllow we recommended that you wash the hands with soap and water .