Ensure that Adele is now physically the same as Sarah Paulson and actress has something to say about it


After Adele shares a few days ago a picture by your birthday number 32, his body was in the news around the world after the notorious physical change that I had had.

That is where the resemblance between the singer and the actress Sarah Paulson has sparked hundreds of images and comments on social networks. “My Twitter blew up absolutely with people who said, ‘oh, my God, Adele in your birthday photo looks like Sarah Paulson'”, said Jessica Sierra to Sarah in the episode of SiriusXM EW live.

The star of ‘American Horror Story said that it was also on Twitter after Adele revealed his noticeable weight loss, and said, “that ‘Sarah Paulson’was trending. I was like, ‘wait, what? What I died? What happened?’ I was shifting for him and I said: ‘Oh, is Adele again’… This has been happening for a while, this ‘Adele looks like Sarah Paulson’, ‘Sarah Paulson looks like Adele’,” continued the actress.

“What I wish is that they were comparing my talent, saying that the mine is as cool as her. What, honestly, can’t say, because the talent of no one is as big as her…but to become like her, Wow! she is a beauty. Excellent. Give it to me, I’ll take it”said.