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A number of countries live in social isolation by the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19), and many pregnant women live concerned due to the evolution of your pregnancy and how it will make the delivery in full health crisis. However, that feeling would lighten with the experience of some celebrities who also live a pregnancy and make public their optimism the face of the problems.

Sophie Turner, Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid and Lea Michele are some of the artists that pass the sweet waiting for the quarantine. In some cases, the social networks were chosen to give an understanding of the news; however, in others, the secrecy remains a part of the day-to-day.


The news is put in the focus of the public eye after the announcement of the news portal TMZ. However, it was our own Gigi Hadid, who formalized her pregnancy together with singer Zayn Malik in the program Jimmy Fallon in full quarantine.

The supermodel wanted to leave things clear from the first moment: I had thought to give her the news personally, but could not be: “Obviously, we would have liked to be able to advertise it under our own terms, but we are very excited, happy and grateful for the support and for all the good wishes,” said Hadid with a huge smile.

About the quarantine and the complicated situation in which is plunged the entire world because of the coronavirus, the top is positive aspects. “The good side is that we are home and we can be together, experiencing the truth of the day-to-day,” he said.

Not yet entered into details on the sex of the baby or the expected date to give birth. Yes, the u.s. media say that it is 20 weeks and that is a girl.


Although since February that there is talk that the actress —who became known for playing Sansa Stark in “Game of Thrones” and Joe Jonas are in the sweet waiting, now appeared the first photos of your growing tummy.

In the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus , the couple makes some exits to get some fresh air and to get to walk your pets. That way they were caught by the paparazzi in Los Angeles, near the residence which shares the couple, respecting the recommendation of using face mask and wear sunglasses as an extra precaution.

Despite the fact that the couple did not confirm anything, several members of the family claimed that they are happy and excited about the arrival.


The singer has acknowledged on several occasions that her first pregnancy, which will lead to her debut in the maternity together with her fiance Orlando Bloom, is being downright unusual —like the other moms-to-be— with reason of the containment measures linked to the crisis of the coronavirus, to the point that you can’t always satisfy those cravings that will ensue.

If you add to that the other setbacks related to the period of forcible detention and the complexity that already characterized the process of gestation, it is understandable that the pop star has to go through some other time with low emotional.

In that sense, the artist from california has a very useful resource to lift your spirits, put a smile on your face and, of step, disconnect from the concerns: the songs of Bob Marley, which fill him with energy as “positive” and will help to focus on the exciting prospect of becoming soon a mother.

“I don’t know if I will be able to make a baby shower or even a baby moon, it is too soon to tell. I’m taking things day-to-day, but I’ll feel fortunate if I can. I mean, I feel very grateful these days considering everything that is going on,” confessed Katy.


Recently, the actress and singer Lea Michele confirmed that is expecting her first baby. The famous Rachel Berry in the series “Glee” made a post on Instagram showing your tummy pregnant.

Michele will become a mother the fruit of his relationship with Zandy Reich, whom he married in march of 2019.


The mexican singer Hanna duo Ha-Ash is also found in the sweet waiting, and for the first time. She will become a mother, the fruit of her marriage with Juan Carlos Herrera.

The mexican announced her pregnancy with an extensive publication on their social networks, which was accompanied by a video of the ultrasound of your baby. “For years our fans have been witnesses of our lives. Each city, each country receives us with his love by letting us know that you are always there for us. That is why I share with you the triumph more important and the biggest of my life… oh, to Be a mom!”, announced the artist. l