Five looks beauty simply ideals of Cara Delevingne who has left us in the last seven days


Cara Delevingne it is always very stylish with their outfits and we usually deleitear with hairstyles and make-ups to very elaborate and original, those who always give us inspiration.

During these days, we are leaving a lot of looks beauty ideals, thanks to the première in the last series of Amazon Prime, “Carnival Show,” in which she is one of the protagonists. Here are five looks of those that deserve very much worth having on file.

Marching a twist

We started with one of those looks that are so perfect both in makeup as the hairstyle. In charge of working the face to Face has been the makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

When you look closely at the makeup up close you realize that it’s a pass. A smoked blend of different shades like gold, brown or purple creating an effect very spatial.

The same must be said about the hairstyle, when you see him from behind and what you analyze, you discover that you have much preparation. It is a beautiful picked up twist it continues with the hair twisted and slightly warped, ending in a small low ponytail. The artist of this amazing pickup is the stylist hair Dayaruci.

Double buns

It is not easy to look two ribbons and leave the graceful, Face already dared a few years ago with this same style, and we loved it. Now back to choosing two buns high with air effortlessto make the result even more cool and casual but with a lot of roll.

A makeup multicolor

And what to say about this makeup multicolor, also the work of Lisa Eldridge who is a true last. Shades of oranges, pinks and yellow are intermingled, creating this original mosaic look. To complement, and not to recharge more, lips and cheeks are a soft pink nude. Of course, a risky bet that Face has known how to make winning.

In terms of the hair has opted for a collected with toupee and the rest of the hair perfectly polished marking well the side. The hair has been united, creating a bow knot with the loose ends and leaving perfectly clear the back of the neck.

To finish with a touch more special has been adorned with an original pin ethnic style. For this beauty the manager has also been Dayaruci do you worship now?

How mane or picked up?

Another wonder that we have been able to see is this look that focuses on a makeup of eyes in silver tones and a intense outline of black framing the gaze; and not to diminish the eye has left the bottom line in only one-third of the eyelid.

In the hair of the bet has been a picked up Italian. If we see it from behind but from the front it reminds us of a mane midi cocked, leaving the opposite side completely fixed.

The accessories the more original the better

This is probably one of the looks more striking and original, both by the combination of the makeup has been done by the makeup artist Mara Roszak as for the hairstyle that has been prepared by Molly R. Stern.

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The first thing that catches the attention of this hairstyle is its accessories, it is strips of fabric that have been stuck on the hairspecifically on the stripes to emphasize them even more. The combination of colors have been purple and orange to marry with the same tones that make up.

In terms of the shape of the hairstyle also has its thing, it is a double-pigtail made in two portions. The queue top is born from the forehead and has turned in on itself, ending on the second low ponytail. The finish is perfectly polished and slightly damp.

The makeup was focused once more on the look playing with the two-tone protagonists, the purple and orange. To achieve this look bicolor has been used the shade purple for the upper eyelid and the orange at the bottom as here outlined.

Pictures | Gtres, Instagram