George Floyd: The “I can’t breathe” is already a clamor world: the whole planet calls for justice


The polmica by the death of George Floyd est away from the wind down. In fact, every day that passes increases the flames of this fire racial. The nights of protests in Minneapolis have been spread to all the pas and it has been decreed the curfew in 25 of them.

And is that the hardness of the images have caused this rebelin who wants to end once and for all with this gap historical. The expulsin and the subsequent arrest of Derek Chauvin (the policy that appears in the video with the knee on the neck of the deceased) has not stifled the indignacin in the pas.

LeBron James, incensed by the death of George Floyd subdued brutally by a police

The situation is so crtica that up Donald Trump has acted threatening with the army. “The memory of Floyd is being exploited by rioters, looters and anarchists”. Several units of the police, military are ready to enter into action if they receive the order to intervene before a situation was unsustainable.

And is that this fenmeno has also crossed borders. Voices from around the world have spoken out condemning what happened and expressing the great racial problem of the united States. The demand of justice for George takes already more than eight million signatures ‘’ and the ‘celebritis’ from all over the planet have joined the fight.

Athletes and former athletes from all the areas they wanted to put their grain of sand to the protests. Pau Gasol I shared a mtica phrase of Martin Luher King, claiming that no one look to the other side. “In the end you won’t even remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.

Jos Manuel CaldernI shared the video of the player of the Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown, which recounts her way of protest after driving 15 hours to be with his family. “Being a celebrity, to be an NBA player I don’t rule it out. First and foremost I am a black man and I am a member of this community.”

The sper star of the football Kylian Mbapp I shared the ad anti-racist of Nike accompanied by three puos black raised recalling the fenmeno ‘black power’ that gest to fight for the civil rights of blacks.

Weston McKennieas a player of Schalke 04 left to play their match of the Bundesliga by wearing a bracelet that pruning read ‘Justice for George Floyd’. At the end of the match, the player spoke of his decision in social networks. “I feel very good to be able to use my platform to call attention on a problem that has been going on for a long time. We have to defend what we believe and I think it is time to listen to us!”.

Legend of the sport as Boris Becker, Lindsey Vonn or Allison Felix also wanted to bring in this attempt to do justice in addition to star current as Alex Zverev, Felix Augger Aliassime or Naomi Osaka.

Few times has seen something from the ‘boom’ of social networking. Actors, polticos, models, singers, journalists… the entire planet has been united to this rebelin. Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), for example, coloc a picture of Floyd in their social networks with the words ‘Justice for George’.

From all points of the globe came together in support. Chris Hemsworth (Thor in the Avengers) and Margot Robbie (two times nominated to the Oscar) from Australia, Charlize Theron (Oscar-winning) from south africa, Dua Lipa (singer) from Great Britain, Gisele and Adriana Lima (models) from Brazil… and also the actor and model English Jon Kortajarena.

The clamor for change things has been created and aims to finish once and for all this inequality. No one is oblivious to the problem. Rosala public a message on your social networks to borrow a phrase from Angela Y. Davis: “In a racist society, it is not enough not to be racist, must be racist”.

The activist Swedish Gretha Thunberg not falt the appointment and public image of George Floyd with his last words before dying in a hospital. “Please, I can not breathe. It hurts Me the stomach. I have a sore throat. I hurt all over. I will kill you.”

Actress Viola Davis it has always been at the forefront of the fight for equality and in these times it is manifested as the ms direct images shocking. Has attracted much attention with an education that appears in a policy white talking with nia black. The agent asks him: “What you would like to be most?”. What the nia responds: “to Be alive”.