#GeorgeFloyd | stars african american women’s sports USES burst against racism


Simone Bill, Sloane Stephens, Aa ja Wilson, Allyson Felix or Simone Manuel, whistleblower.

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Not only Coconut Gauffthat 16-year-old has done enough, and also other figures womens sports USAin his majority african-american, have publicly condemned the latest episode of police brutality against citizens of the black race, which ended with the death of George Floyd, a father of a family of 40 years.

Sloane Stephens, tennis player, 27 years old, number 37 ranking on the WTA
– “Talk to your kids and friends. It starts with us, with conversations, with recognition. Don’t ignore something because you do you feel uncomfortable. Calls to officials at the local, state and federal demanding justice,” urges on Twitter
– “It is time that we begin to be uncomfortable”
– “Praying for all who like #GeorgeFloyd and their loved ones have been affected by police brutality and these violent crimes without sense. It is distressing and sickening to see that again and pass again. Things cannot continue thus, and we must ALL do our part”
– has retuiteado the messages of the son of the historic activist Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King IIIand Michelle Obama, former first lady of the united States

Also white figures like Alex Morgan or Katie Ledecky have also joined the protests.

Simone Bill, gymnast, 23 years old, a living legend of the sport
– “We have to do better America.”

Simone Manuel, swimmer, 23 years old, 2x olympic champion
– makes it his own, also on social networks, the message “The past still lives in the present”
– points out that “the Present, but looking in the past. Thinking about how my ancestors managed to stay so strong. The past seems so present: the racism and hatred still plague. The future seems so bleak and gloomy, but if we ALL raised our voices demanding equality and justice we will win”
– complains of the tweet of the publication Swimming World: three swimmers, herself, Nathalie Hindsalso african-american, and Katie Ledeckywhite, are required to review the ‘case George Floyd’, but the headline only mentions this last: “you Should holder Simone Manuel, Natalie Hinds and Katie Ledecky talk about…”
-“I am so tired of all of these, of this I complain about, as someone who is so, SO, SO affected mentally, emotionally and physically affected by this racism. I am SO TIRED of this.”

Naomi Osaka, “black and asian”, and has also followed the impressive example of Coconut Gauff.

Allyson Felix, athlete, 34 years old, olympic champion/world
– is positioned in line of the message platform Black Lives Matter (The lives of black matter): “Too many traumas. Too many deaths of late. Too many hashtags. Too much time healing these wounds again and again. STOP KILLING US”.
– also collects your sponsor Athleta: “TOGETHER FORWARD. Freedom is the security of being who we are, to move in this world being who we are. We need to unite as a community against racist injustice. We may not have all the answers, but we know what is right. And we are committed to act.”
– has retuiteado the messages of the former u.s. president Barrack Obama and the former first lady Michelle Obama

Aa ja Wilson, player WNBA, 23 years old, a no. 1 draft 2018
– the charismatic player of The las Vegas Aces has retuiteado posts on Twitter with videos of the controversy, and fatal arrest of George Floyd, of demonstrations and of different reactions
– it has the message “The lives of black matter. Today. Morning. And every day after tomorrow.”
– has retuiteado the tweet from Simone Manuel in which the complaint of the holder only focused the Katie Ledecky

Criticism of the system and the police brutality and tweets of Barack and Michelle Obama, collected.

Katie Ledecky, swimmer, 23 years old, 5 times olympic champion
– on his Twitter account has shown solidarity with their comrades and fellow americans:
– “It hurts Me to the heart by George Floyd, his family and all the victims of the injustices of the system. I’m angry, and I understand the concern and anger that there and America right now
– “To my teammates, to my friends, to the community: here I have. I’m here to listen and console. I’m here to engage awkward conversations. And I’m here to vote. There are No easy answers. The change of truth requires hard work, but worth it for this wonderful country and diversity. Let us listen, let us commit ourselves and let us build”.

Alex Morgan, football player, 30 years, champion world/olympic
– it is, as Katie Ledecky, one of the stars of the white race who has added openly to the protests and demands for justice
– “The brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of the police makes me feel sick beyond words. When will be treated equally to all americans regardless of their race and gender? We long for genuine leadership and inclusion from the top”, has tuiteado the footballer mom

Naomi Osaka, a tennis player, 23 years, better athlete paid (Forbes)
– daughter of a haitian father and japanese mother, is described as “black and asian”
– the japanese, with residence in the united States, has published two of the tweets, most shared, also by sportsmen-americans:
– “Just because it isn’t happening to you does not mean it is not happening at all”
– “I find it curious that people who want to carry chains, busting hip-hop in the gym, you try to say hello to the dap (shock-cuffs), and speaks in the slang of a sudden is quiet.”