GoT: birthday of Emilia Clarke generated special meeting of actors


‘Game of Thrones’ will be one of the series most influential and important in the history of television due to the impact it had on millions of people in the world. With eight seasons and a long list of characters, the production was consecrated as one of the favorites of the lovers of the fiction genre.

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Now, months after the definitive end of the story, many followers of this series continue remembering with affection to the players and members of the cast that, no doubt, jumped to fame absolute embodiment of their roles.

Fans have expressed their joy and excitement to see the publications of some reunions and moments that live actors from the series out of the recording set. For many it is significant that once the project is completed the bonds of friendship are preserved with the passing of time.

In this opportunity, Emilia Clarkethat he gave life to ‘Daenerys Targaryan’ from the first season, he surprised his followers on social media after posting a photograph in the company of two of his friends from history, and those who saw the loves of your character.

So, it is Kit Harington and Jason Momoaresponsible for incarnate ‘Jon Snow’ and ‘Khal Drogo’, respectively, with those who achieved a strong bond and extensive during the entire making of the production.

The reason that led them to be found was the birthday of Clarke, which was on the 23rd of October. In the post you can see the three artists embracing each other, smiling at the camera and with an informal style.

The meetings had never been so hairy #CualqueirExcusaParaUnSandwichMomoa” wrote the actress in the photo caption of the publication which already exceeds three million likes on the digital platform.

However, it is important to note that Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa have been found in different events, and interviews, which have made clear the strong link that unites them.

The protagonist of ‘Aquaman’ he used his account of Instagram to congratulate your friend and remember the term they used his character to refer to his beloved.

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I love you my Khalessi. Happy Birthday to you”, said the actor in a post that he shared, and where it appears next to your colleague in a television show.