Halsey announces that it has stopped one of their major addictions


Halsey just to demonstrate that in addition to talent for singing has great strength of will. The singer, 24, has just announced to his followers that din has managed to get rid of one of its greatest addictions: the tobacco. Halsey has managed to stop smoking after ten years hooked, a story that has received the congratulations from his followers and any other famous.

And is that health is not played. And the tobacco, as we all know, is very harmful to our body. However, it is one of the vices most prevalent in the developed world, and the people who are smokers have real problems to leave it.

That’s why Halsey has been so happy after having managed to leave behind such addiction. And, by that account, has not been something easy. The singer made the official announcement via a message on Twitter where it is understood that quitting smoking has been something that has cost him much:

“A few weeks ago I stopped successfully the nicotine after you have been smoking TEN years. I have gained a lot of weight and may have lost some friends for ever because it was unbearable but I am very happy for having done so and I feel very good. I just wanted to share it”.


On the one hand, Halsey reveals that smoking began with only 14 years, at a very early age. Therefore, its relationship with the tobacco has been more than close and that is one of the reasons that both has cost-disengaging from the nicotine.

In addition, he speaks of the anxiety and the mood swings that arise when leaving an addiction like this. We do not know what will be fact Halsey during this time, but it seems that her behavior has been something unpleasant with who I was around. However, now that it is a person smoke-free, safe, has the opportunity to be reconciled with those friends you claim to have lost forever.