Halsey is in the midst of the shooting of the Police during a protest for the death of George Floyd


Los Angeles.- The singer Halseyalong with the british YUNGBLUD, attended a protest against racism following the death of George Floyd in Los Angeles yesterday Saturday, may 30.

Both famous they held up signs that said “Black Lives Matter” and chanted slogans of protest with the people.

Halsey used Instagram Live to share videos of what was happening.

In a time of the transmission is heard shots and the protesters were dispersed and frightened, the interpreter of “Nightmare” ended the video at that same instant.

Halsey used Twitter to narrate what was happening in the protest and said the police had released tear gas.

“We fired rubber bullets. Do not break the line. The hands were up still. We launched gas and fired shots,” wrote the singer on Twitter.

Fans of the singer expressed their concern for her in the social networks.

Finally, Halsey she reassured fans with a message in which he said that he was not arrested, but expressed concerned about the other protesters.

“I was not arrested. I had to get myself safe. Many of my classmates were shot, were thrown at them gas. The first line was quiet, but many are not safe; many people are in custody,” he wrote Halsey on Twitter.