“I will be a footballer”: the letter from Alex Morgan to her mom in childhood


Recently appeared on the cover of the magazine Sports Illustrated and the past month of April reached the 100 goals with the Selection of Women’s Soccer in the united States. It is one of the players, media and charismatic leaders on the news, but the getting there was not easy for Alex Morgan.

The well-known player in american went through difficult tests on their way to professionalism and through a text written in the platform theplayerstribune.comAlex told some of the most important passages in his life, but especially in childhood and adolescence.

There, Morgan shared a letter that he gave to his mother as was only a girl. I was assigned the task of writing what I wanted to be big, and without hesitation, Alex wrote: “Hi mommy, my name is Alex and I will be a professional athlete in football. I love you.”

Letter from Alex MorganEstas were the words to his mother, announcing that I wanted to be a footballer… and he complied

“I still don’t know why I wrote it. I had never seen a game of women’s football on the television. I did not know that there was a professional league. I didn’t even know women’s football was something more than just playing for fun,” recalls Alexandra, who stressed also that his mother still has that note.

Account Alex Morgan that his family was vital to the development and growth that we had in the football. Her father took her to training but he does not understand much of soccer. In its beginnings, one of his coaches realized the potential that she had, but said that was not good enough, what led to the annoyance of his father, and departed in search of new opportunities.

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The moment of truth

Alex Morgan blew the doors until he came to the right place, with a coach that gave him the necessary confidence. Its quality led it to be selected for national u-17 and since then nothing would stop it. “I began to realize that the note I had written to my mother really was going to make it a reality. And then came the things that most people know: my debut increased Selection in 2010, olympic gold, World Cup, all that,” wrote the professional footballer.

With 29 years of age and 100 goals with the USA behind their backs, Alex Morgan has built an important legacy in football in the united States. He currently plays for the Orlando Pride of the NWSL, and their only experience in Europe was the Olympique of Lyon.