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Kendall Jenner again he did it. The american model of 24 years shook the social networks to its foundations with a spicy video of his, which went viral after being posted through Instagram Stories.

In the clip, which lasts only a few seconds, the instant celebrity appears with a tiny bikini red.

Due to that the stories of Instagram are ephemeral, the material is not already available in the account Kendall Jenner. However, their fans managed to download the pictures to spread them into different groups.

The model usually share videos and photos that can be seen with little clothing. As has happened now, such content cause a stir among his ardent followers.

Kendall Jenner has more than 124 million fans in Instagram. While this figure is impressive, it is still far from the number of fans that have her younger sister, Kylie. She has more than 165 million “fans”.