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Many of those who follow Kylie Jenner in Instagram stayed with open mouth when you look at the photograph that was published as a story, which is now no longer available. This, as alluded to in the headline, was taken in the bathtub.

In the picture you can see the legs of the entrepreneur, which appear submerged in water and surrounded by foam. Kylie Jenner not wrote something in the photo.

Quickly, dozens of users have downloaded the decision and became viral in different groups of fans in Facebook. Several stated that the mother of Stormi Webster he had been very daring to spread such an image.

This is the photo that Kylie Jenner rose to Instagram Stories. (@kyliejenner)
This is the photo that Kylie Jenner rose to Instagram Stories. (@kyliejenner)

Kylie Jenner has shown once more that is a girl who defies the world. I just hope that we will not close the account by posting that kind of photos,” said one of them.

Some netizens pointed out, furthermore, that it is possible that Kylie Jenner share similar content in the days to come. Just have to wait.


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