“It is time for a change,” reflects Lady Gaga on racism


The american actress and singer Lady Gaga he reflected on the discrimination that has existed for so long at the african-american community in the united States, so that called to eradicate systems that are rooted, this in relation to the events that occurred in the city of Minneapoliswhere George Floyd, african american man, lost his life after being arrested by four officers.

“I do not wish to contribute to more violence, I wish to contribute to a solution”

“I have many things to say about it, but first I want to say is that I have a fear of expressing anything that incites more anger, even though that is the emotion accurately, which is justified. I do not wish to contribute to more violence, I wish to contribute to a solution”, explained Lady Gaga in a message on social networks, where they made public their outrage at the death of Floyd and the life of the people of color, who has been snatched from them in the last few years.

The interpreter of “Shallow”, only deepened the voices of the african-american community have been silenced for a long time, without finding compassion of the leaders who are supposed to protect them; in addition, he stressed that it is the time in which you can do something to stop what is happening: “Every day in the united States are racist, that is a fact”, referred.

The singer noted that president Donald Trump failed, because their prejudices and ignorance have led to the continuing discrimination, feeding a system that, in their own words, rooted and generates situations such as the case of George Floyd, who after being arrested by a police team, one of them put his knee on his neck, while he expressed that he could not breathe.

“It is time for a change”, said Lady Gaga and deepened that it is time that systems patients fall before love; in addition, he stressed that the communities privileged have not done enough to fight against racism and for the people who are losing their lives as a result of the same: “we Must show our love for the black community. As a white woman, and privileged, I make the oath to keep it“.

Gaga, delved into the recent events are a tragedy that defines his country, however, is something that has been done since a long time ago, a situation that makes her feel sadness and anger, however, defined its commitment to find ways in which things can change in an efficient manner and without the exercise of violence of any kind.