It unexpected! The father of the Kardashians did not want their daughters to interact with african americans


Although for many this news of Robert Kardashianmight seem like something beyond amazing, so it was as it happened. In a nutshell, if the father of the successful actresses and businesswomen, to find out about the romances of their children with african americans and meet their grandchildren, there is a great likelihood that all of this would be unforgivable for him. This information, came to light in public through a book called “The Kardashians: An american drama“.

In this text written by Jerry Oppenhemeran american author has been writing various biographies, non-authorized public figures, the writer ensures that the family patriarch was a man completely racist, and on occasion reached to ensure that it repented of having normalized the interpersonal relationships of their children with people of color. But, and what happened then with her friendship with O. J. Simpson, ask much.

What was the alleged statement of Robert?

It should be noted that since the youth, Robert Kardashian he contracted a strong bond with your friend O. J. Simpson, a friendship that lasted until the last days of the lawyer. Even before they have their respective families, these two men came to live together. Already in adulthood, the attorney defended him in a trial, where the player is accused of the alleged murder of his wife, Nico Brown Simpsonand a friend of hers, Ron Goldman.

It could be easy to deduce that this friendship was so deeply rooted, he showed them an example to follow to their daughters, because when you live with O. J, none developed any racist attitude. This fact is the focus of attention, then that is rumorara the bunches of Robert, because if so, in theory it would be impossible that his best friend is a man of color. Even so, according to the text of The Kardashian, the patriarch confessed to a group of friends that he regretted the opening of their daughters with african americans.

“I know black people, I’ve known black people all my life and I like to sleep with white women. O. J. is Always bragging about the amount of women that he and his friends go to bed. And my daughters are liberal, perhaps too liberal and have no one to blame, except me“ was the alleged claim that you made the father of the socialités. It should be noted that one of the last annoyances of this father with his daughter Kim Kardashian, it was the decision of getting married with the music producer Damon Thomasin the year 2000.