Jacquemus turns to his grandmother in model exception


Jacquemus turns to his grandmother in model exception

The French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus triumphs in the world of fashion with the minimal design of their bags and the asymmetrical cut of their dresses that they conquered women like Beyonce, Hailey Baldwin, Rihanna or Emily Ratajkowski.

However, the COVID-19 invites to designers like him, active in the social networks, that is from reinventing and faced with the impossibility of having models of exception, as his “darling” Kylie Jenner, Jacquemus has decided to convert his grandmother Liline in exception model of its spring-summer collection 2020.

“What is beautiful in Instagram, it will be sold,” he said on one occasion.

Although fashion photography is transformed in this time of confinement, new models “born” in these moments.

“#Jacquemus at home with my grandmother Liline, who posed for me with the summer collection 2020 (one of the moments most special to me)”, written by the creator in his account of Instagram.

The designer presented this collection in the lavender fields of the Provence and the area where it comes from-in the south of France, to celebrate the 10 years of the brand that you created with only 19 years, a parade that became the most viral fashion summer.

Precisely in those fields is where she poses her grandmother with emblematic pieces of the collection: a jacket bubble gum pink XXL, has excelled in the networks Kylie Jenner, a set of jacket and white pants, and a dress very summery in tone khaki, very flattering.

Tanned and with the hair tied back in a simple ponytail, Liliane looks at the camera with naturalness and sympathy in the eleven images in which appear the already iconic bags of straw from the designer or their huge pamelas.

Snapshots that leave a point to the good chemistry with her grandson, for which he has posed in various scenarios with a lot of style and with a smile and the victory sign in his hand sitting on the grass.

In 2015, Jacquemus received the Special Prize of the Jury of the PRIX LVMH and today is one of the designers lauded in the fashion world. Report and images: Efe

Don’t you imagine that appears in these leagues!

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