Jeans to the hip summer trends and how to combine them


This summer comes with a new set of proposals and innovative style with which you’ll be able to give your style a radical turn. One of the trends highlights of the season will be the return of the jeans to the hip, that you’ll be able to wear both dressed in daring and juveniles as well as with ensembles which featured, in which they will function as an element of contrast to avant-garde.

The great advantage of the jeans to the hip is that these can be combined without much effort, so that, regardless of what your style, these will be a great acquisition to your wardrobe. If you want to know how to wear your these pants as the best dressed, Vogue you are presented with a collection of the most important trends that we will see in the summer.

What color are the jeans to the hip in the summer?

Of izda., to dhca., jeans to the hip in J Brand, Balenciaga, and Zilver

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The jeans to the hip in the summer take in a chromatic palette dominated by cool tones ranging from gray up indigos off, ideal to accompany your garments more stylish during the summer. The fashion houses, Zilver and Balenciaga, presented models eye-catching in deep tones, which command attention and are presented as the dominant factor of any outfit.

For its part, signature of ready to wear, J Brand, leaned neutral colors and clear that will help you to consolidate costumes, minimalist and chic, easy to carry as part of your street style accompanied by garments simple as booties and tank tops.

What material are the jeans to the hip in the summer?

Of izda., to the right, jeans on the hip in Adam Selman Sport, Jarel Zhang and Courrèges

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Although the jeans to the hip in summer, carry on typical materials such as denimthere is also the option of giving an original spin to this garment, opting for the hipster-inspired in the sportswear in plastic materials, such as nylon. Various designers propose as an alternative casual and risky to replace your jeans to the hip always.

Signatures Adam Selman Sport, Jarel Zhang, Courrèges presented great proposals in their latest collections, while they move away from what we traditionally understand as jeans to the hipnot fail to incorporate its aesthetic feature urban, modern and eye-catching.

What details are the jeans to the hip in the summer?

Of izda., to the right, jeans to the hip And/Project 2019, Christian Sirian 2020 and Khaite

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The jeans to the hip in summer, wear it with a series of details, modest as the straight cuts and arenas frayed as those who were present during the last collection of the New York-based firm, Khaite.

For the styles more adventurous, the maisonAnd/Project, and chose to show us jeans to the hip with cuts baggy and lines of type paperbag perfect to match with women’s clothing and adjusted to the line of the body. For his part, the designer, Christian Sirian, endowed their pants details painting on denimthat give them a spark of color that will shine with your outfits.

How are the jeans at the hip in the summer?

Hailey Baldwin wears jeans to the hip of mezcilla

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During the summer, the jeans to the hip will be in simple costumes that only incorporate garments and accessories most elementary respect for the minimalist aesthetic that will reign during this season.

For the tall women the model Hailey Baldwin may be a reference to show off a stylized silhouette with jeans to the hip adjusted with attractive details such as scratches and finish worn. The use of high heels, arenas and high tops with transparencies can be a good way to highlight the feminine side of these pants.

How to combine jeans to the hip in the summer?

The model and boxer, Joyce Mao, using a pair of jeans to the hip

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The best way to combine your jeans to the hip in the summer, will be accompanying them only with clothing and accessories simple in order to consolidate a look much more sleek and modern. The crop tops, shirts, buttons, slacks, and blazers with eye-catching details can be a good companion for this type of pant. Also, please do not hesitate to play with the contrast and incorporate elements such as tennis, boots or jackets of leather with your jeans once in a while.

What are the most common mistakes when wearing jeans to the hip in the summer?

Rihanna accompanies his jeans to the hip with some stilettos

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The errors you must not commit to bringing jeans to the hip in the summer consist of having them with garments that fail to generate an attractive contrast with your pants. Even when you try to dress simple, try to incorporate an element of sophistication. We recommend you to follow the example of Rihanna, who managed to maintain a refined style accompanying his jeans to the hip ribbed and tank top smooth with a couple of stilettos bright that helped him to wear his pants with elegance and femininity.