Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, why hitch your story?


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt


  • Brad Pitt attended the Christmas party of Jennifer Aniston.
  • The mane of the actress, the more desired.

    The past January 19, the world stopped. As well, dry. For a few seconds, the entire planet became to believe in the love and in second chances. What are the culprits? Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. The exmatrimonio again seen the faces in the 26th edition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2020 after collecting him the award for Best supporting actor for his work in ‘once Upon a time in… Hollywood’ and she is the Best actress in a drama series for ‘The Morning Show’. The stars were aligned and we were granted this wonderful gift in the form of photos.

    The two backstage, ball gowns (she with a stunning vintage dress by John Galliano for Dior, who has already been baptized as ‘the dress of The reunion’), surrounded by people who were just as deluded as us (some even immortalizing the moment mobile in hand), happy and more smiling. Something completely normal because it is about two people who for years shared their lives and now enjoy the professional success of the other. But for the rest of mortals is something more, it is the fairy tale that we all wanted to live and that we suffer as our when it ended. What has this couple for 15 years after their divorce, let’s keep dreaming of that again? We turned to two experts to try to give a meaning to all this fantasy.

    Their love story

    In 1998 they started to leave and according to the rumors, his first appointment was agreed with their representatives. Its premiere on the red carpet did not arrive until the 12 of September of 1999. Just two months later they were engaged, with a ring of ordered, valued at us $ 500,000 per half. Their wedding, celebrated on the 29th of July of the year 2000 in Malibu, it cost twice.

    Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt photo wedding

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston on their wedding day.

    Zuma Press-Michael Sanville

    One of the most cherished moments of the couple and rose to the olympus of the couples most beloved of Hollywood arrived in 2001, when they worked together for the first and only time in ‘Friends’. Jennifer triumphed in this series and Brad made a cameo appearance in the that she embodied to a former colleague of the institute together with Ross formed the ‘Club I hate Rachel Green’ and spread the rumor that she was a hermaphrodite.

    Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt Friends

    Frame of chapter 9 of the season eighth of ’Friends’ entitled ’The rumour’.

    NBCGetty Images

    But then came the drama made movie. In 2004, shortly after Jennifer’s claim that she was ready to have children, Brad filmed ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ with Angelina Jolie with whom he began a relationship. In 2005, the marriage was separated, and then the world was divided into two for ever. Neither left-wing or right-wing, or Real Madrid or Barcelona. Since that divorce, the only two possible options came to be or ‘Team Jennifer’ or ‘Team Angelina’. The first was the victim who saw the second broke his marriage, because why should we blame Pitt was the one that actually had an engagement with a and was unfaithful to the other. Despite everything, have maintained the friendship all these years and after their reunion, the world has become to dream of the possibility of a return.

    Why we dream of his return?

    What leads us to want to return when they are people who do not know, beyond us, and in addition they ended their relationship for one infidelity? Let’s do an exercise of reflection and sincerity. If Jennifer was actually our best friend and Brad Pitt, her boyfriend/husband, probably never will, we would recommend our friend to come back with the man who left her to go with another. But as they are two famous stars, are rich and also handsome, it seems that they are destined to be together for all eternity.

    “A lot of people can perceive, from the imagination of what we would want it to be love stories, this is a story that is interrupted or broken by the intervention of a third party that was not, in my opinion, as dear as Jennifer. The series ‘Friends’ arrived at the heart of many people and was in many homes for years. A couple as ‘maja’ of two actors as ‘handsome’ with still lots of things to do (have children, for example) are truncated by intervening a third person. And now, suddenly, the target back together. How many people do not añoraría in their lives karma-like?“, says Francesc Núñez, a sociologist and professor of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

    But besides, Nunez added: “The sociological perspective reminds us that the famous are fundamental in the processes of idealization and identification of the individuals. Are goods that conform to the ways of working and valuing of the individuals consumerist-liberal that we all are. In this sense, serve to organize the collective identities and also manage the emotional dynamics in societies.”

    Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston SAG Awards 2020

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the SAG Awards 2020.

    Emma McIntyreGetty Images

    Pilar Conde, psychologist and technical director of Clinical Origin, it’s about having the happy ending typical of the movies. “This couple in the past was a show of love, beauty, success, passion and happiness. Most of us liked to see that that was possible and durable, hence, it is idealizara”.

    But to Count we have idealized only the positive but also the negative. “We have been able to see them as human persons, having to overcome situations like separations, addictions, custody issues, criticisms, etc, And despite this, they have fought for their professional careers and have had successes over the years.”

    The problem comes when we are not aware of that idealization. “It can cause problems, because it generates expectations that are not real, and it can produce frustration, not by not having a life that can be satisfying, but by idealizing what you want to achieve,” warned Earl.

    We don’t know if they will return someday (everything indicates that not for much that we endeavor to believe otherwise). But what is clear is that, as has shown their last picture together, we resist with tooth and nail to not get our ‘and were happy forever.’

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