Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon (and other tndems inseparable from Hollywood)


Besides the main couple in The Morning Showthere are many friends unwavering in Hollywood that have given rise to images entraables as the holding of a joint award between Matt Damon and Ben Aflleck or the kiss betweenNaomi Watts and Nicole Kidman.

Used to seeing Jennifer Aniston on the arm of Courtney Cox, inseparable friends, it is almost extraordinary to think that the actress The Morning Show found in Reese Witherspoon’s support as unconditional as that. And is that after the screen they forge and strengthen many friendshipsyou know which are? We review some of the tndems organically between the actors.

Penlope Cruz and Salma Hayek


Their friendship is well-known for many years. I started thanks to a called telephone of Penlope Salma to thank you, without knowing it, who had praised his work in Jamn, Jamn openly. In that call, the espaola spoke to him of his first grabacin in Los angeles and it was the mexican who recogi at the airport and brought to your home. A lovely gesture that won the heart of Penlope ago more than 20 years and which promises to continue for many ms.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck


A friendship since childhood, sharing a dream common: a place in the stardom of Hollywood. Matt and Ben had 10 and 8 years old when they met in Cambridge and they began to think big. They spent the years and the small papers don’t make the way to the top queran reach. That’s why, they wrote together the scenario of The indomitable Will Hunting getting that to happen until you get to be the success that I put a name in the world of cinema. Forty years after, both protagonizarn the new film of Ridley Scott The Last Duel with a scenario written also for them.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson


The ao passed Matthew McConaughey inaugur your account of Instagram by his fiftieth birthday, and your first post was a picture next to his friend Woody Harrelson cuestionndose if they were brothers of a different mother (“brothers from others mothers?”). On the screen it reminds them especially for their compaerismo in True Detective, a collaboration that came thanks to the insistence of Matthew to his friend in order to work together to l. Fortunately.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz


The 2020 arranc networks for Drew Barrymore making a memory of a joke next to Cameron Daz. In your account of Instagram appears a picture of both together for 17 years when they went to the viewing of The Angeles de Charlie 2. For the ocasin, they rented a bus that will find out and had to walk part of the journey, but not before catching the champn they carried. Things that only you can spend with a great friend…

Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams


Among the values of friendship there is the determined defence of your friends, and everything that gives his lifewhatever the point of view. Jessica Chastain had that moment (thus supported with reason) for two years when she came to know the wage difference between Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg for his work on All the money in the world. That tweet, besides to recognize the work of the actress, was a public ms of the friendship between the two.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio


Once upon a time in Hollywood revolution the staff when it was announced that these two major sex symbol of the cinema come together on the big screen. Besides worth to show the two talents together like yours, has served to generate a great friendship. When Brad Pitt recogi the Golden Globe for best supporting actor last month took the words very emotional for your partner of sharing, and friend: “Before The reborn, single view as ao after ao, his companions in shooting accepted awards and agradecan so heartfelt. S by qu, l is a star, a gentleman, and I won’t be here if it hadn’t been for l. I would have shared the table”, to you with humor to emphasize their respect, admiration and carlo towards DiCaprio.