Jennifer Lawrence was with her boyfriend and two of his ex in the same place!


If there is something that has characterized Jennifer Lawrence throughout his career, in addition to having been nominated for an Oscar on four occasions and have won a statuette before the age of 30 yearsis for having tried to fight the stereotype that women do not know how to support each other or they work together.

And of course, last Friday, wanted to be the first in going to the premiere of ‘The Favourite’ and to support her good friend Emma Stone , which is the subject of the story together to Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz… and Nicholas Hoult.

The hug awkward Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence

If someone had been forgotten, the actor and Jennifer began a relationship in 2010when agreed rolling ‘X-Men : First Class’ (that lasted until 2014 ) , although his rupture has not prevented continue to retain a close friendship and work together on the further deliveries of the franchise, the last of them in the film ‘Dark Phoenix’, which will be released next year.

Obviously, Nicholas was present at the eventthat took place in the framework of the Film Festival of New York, but I was not the only ex with which the Hollywood star met that night : the director Darren Aronofsky , with whom he had a short engagement while rolling the tape ‘Mother!’also went to the premiere of the movie your colleague Yorgos Lanthimos.