Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin show their intimacy in “The Biebers”


In 2018, the singer Justin Bieber he surprised his followers when, a few months of beginning his courtship with the model Hailey Baldwin, announced that it had engaged and were married later that year.

Since celebrities have decided to take it a step further in their life as husband and wife so this week launched its series “The Biebers”.

Through 12 episodes, the first of which premiered on Monday, the production follows the life of the singer and the model in its intimacy, both addressing moments of everyday life as topics related to their marriage.

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The episodes were filmed in his home in Toronto with cameras, Go-Pro for the platform Facebook Watch and will debut on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 hours.

In the first installment of short duration launched yesterday, the couple visits the lake in which Justin was a child, and argue about the good and bad points of your relationship both of the first time they went out, her break-up and marriage.