Justin Bieber owes you something very valuable for him to Ariana Grande


The singer Justin Bieber is now preparing to launch what will be their first album in almost five years, which has already published its first advancement, the simple ‘Yummy’just a few weeks.

And now, the astro pop, who in recent years has had to battle against Lyme disease and the problems of depression and anxiety that had accompanied, has openly acknowledged that part of his return to music is explained with the friendship that binds him to the also singer Ariana Grande, who by the way shares a representative, the controversial Scooter Braun.

To do this, the idol teenager turned to social networks and, specifically, to your profile Twitter, that wanted to openly thank the artist by inviting him to perform with her at the Coachella festival last year and, in this way, to remind you of the love you feel for your profession.

“Ariana, thank you for Coachella and for reminding me how much I love what I do. What I appreciate from the heart”according to the tweet that you sent.


Interestingly, one of the closest collaborators of Justinthe concert promoter Ryan Goodhe would make sure it was just a few weeks that the canadian had to overcome a myriad of dilemmas and insecurities before you take the plunge and get back in touch with your audience in the famous musical event that is held annually in California.

“Justin I was giving many turns to the idea of leaving the stage, because I wasn’t sure if it was the most appropriate time to do so. I think that Scooter was great that Justin returned to sing live, because that will remind you who he is and what he is destined to do with his life. In the end, their comeback was a turning point in his career, and in his own life,” he explained.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images