Katy Perry is sheltered from the Covid-19 and meets cravings in your pregnancy

Katy Perry is currently resting at his home in California after having suspended their promotional events in Australia. The singer had to interrupt his media tour in the antipodes due to the global pandemic of coronavirus Covid-19.

Already in your home, the interpreter wanted to show their fans their first cravings of pregnant. And is that complying with the stereotype, Katy can’t stop eating pickles, especially those of the brand’s north american Bubbies.

An image that already has over a million “likes” in less than 24 hours. In addition, her partner, the actor Orlando Bloom, is also located in the mansion that they share in California after having suspended the filming of their series to Amazon.

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Bloom was in the Czech Republic recording the new stuff from his series Carnival Row erupted when all of the coronavirus. For that reason, the actor decided to make the suitcases next to the rest of the team to return to the united States.

A pandemic that has led them to delay the date of your wedding until everything is back to normal.

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