Kendall Jenner acall rumors of his intimacy with a powerful tweet


Then you would know that Kendall Jenner I broke the quarantine to escape to with your new love, the eyes of the entire world rested on it.

As much as that corporate american has been the target of great reviews, and even memes that put into question their intimacy.

It is for this reason that I decided to leave to defend. And he did it in a way so stylish that it not only logr quell the rumors, but was widely applauded for it.

On the trip we did to Sedona, Arizona, was accompanied by Devin Booker, a critically acclaimed player in the NBA that seems to have a lot of chemistry.

Given this, and knowing that several of his former boyfriends have been also athletes, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian he became quickly the talk of Twitter.

A user dared to comment that the basketball players are rotated to the model best paid in the worldby reference to its intimacy and past relationships.

Dndose by aware, Kendall Jenner told him Act as if he had no control of my body, a response that it got the applause of their fans, and even his sister Kylie classed as the tweet from the ap.