Kendall Jenner will have to pay 90 thousand dollars for the fraud of Fyre Festival


The model Kendall Jenner would have received $ 275,000 as compensation for promoting on your social networks and other means of celebration, in the year 2017, the so-called Fyre Festival that, finally, ended up constituting a complete fraud to offer -charging ahead – a number of luxuries and amenities to their attendees that never would materialize to your arrival to the Bahamas islands.

According to the news portal TMZthe implication indirectly, as well as other stars of the catwalk as Bella Hadidin this kind of fraud, would lead to a level of civil liability that, at least in the case of Kendall Jenner was not slow in throwing consequences for your pocket.

In fact, the sister of Kim Kardashian I would have to pay $ 90,000 by way of compensation for the income received irregularly, as is evident from the judicial process derived from the lawsuit that was filed against the organization of the festival and all those who, in one way or another, contributed to publicizing their alleged benefits.

The controversial musical event was an initiative of the rapper Ja Rule and, in the beginning, he counted with the enthusiastic support -and paid – a host of celebrities linked to the world of music and hip hop. Those who are encouraged to buy tickets in advance, which had to pay amounts ranging from $ 1,200 up to 100,000, in function of the services included, will be met with an absolute disaster in terms of organization, to the point that the act was “postponed indefinitely” after having experienced, according to the version of the facts that support your promoters, logistical challenges totally unexpected.