Kirsten Rausing, the more well-to-do of England


Among the most important women of England are not only those that form part of the royal family, also features Kirsten Rausing, heir to the empire Tetra Pak, which this year is positioned as the largest multi-billion dollar in the Uk. So what determines a ranking in which he climbed three positions last year, reported the british Sunday Times. In addition, figure as the 150a. richest person in the world in the Forbes list By 2020 The World’s Billionaires.

With more than 14 billion dollars, the Swedish 67-year-old achieved this distinction thanks to the fortune created by the company founded by his grandfather (the Swedish entrepreneur Ruben Rausing), which invented the modern packaging for preservation of milk and other beverages.

After the death of his grandfather and his father Gad Rausing, Kirsten became in charge of directing the family business that began more than 60 years ago with just six employees and now is one of the companies in Europe, with worldwide recognition. Next to her working his two younger brothers, Finn and Jorn.

The dark of the family

The family history of Kirsten also has a negative past. In 2012, his cousin Hans Kristian Rausing was sentenced to 10 months in prison for hiding in his mansion and the corpse of his wife Eva Rausing, daughter of a high executive of a multinational soft drinks.

Hans decided to keep in secret the body of his wife in their home because “I didn’t want to let it go”. Later it was announced that the couple had a history of narcotic drug addiction, reports newspaper El País.

This scandal tarnished for a number of years, the surname to Rausing, in the English press, especially to Kirsten for his acknowledged position in the high british society.

Part of the royalty

Rausing also has a title ‘royal’ was given to him by queen Elizabeth II, a close friend of hers, who in 2016, decided to name it as ‘deputy lieutenant’ of the county of Suffolk, in the southeast of London. This distinction means that she is one of the representatives of the sovereign in the county, with various functions formal, a title that is only given to people who have the full confidence of the royal family.

In the list

Kirsten contested the nomination as the richest woman in England with celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Rihanna, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Victoria Beckham. while queen Elizabeth II (ranked 66), according to the ranking prepared by the british newspaper The Sunday Times, his aunt Marit Rausing is positioned in the third place with over 10 billion euros.

His passion

Kirsten is considered as a lonely woman because she never married and has no children. She devotes the greater part of his time, primarily, in the business world and one of her great passions: horse racing.

At the age of 15, his grandfather gave him a barn in Sweden (the nation of his birth) and since then, have been a fundamental part of your life. He is a member of the majority of associations related to the horse racing of England and is owner of several stables of rearing in the country, including Lanwades Stud, one of the most important in Europe.

A woman who has kept your privacy in a low profile, but in several interviews, he has not hesitated to say that horses play an important role in your life.


  • Is 67 years old.
  • He was born in Sweden.
  • He was director of the National Stud, a breeding farm of thoroughbred horses in the United Kingdom.