Kylie Jenner reacts to the accusations of lying about his fortune


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Kylie Jenner estall
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Andn 2019, Kylie Jenner de-registration a fortune exceeding a billion dollars with what he became the women ms young to reach the status of billionaire in the united States, according to Forbes magazine.

The young 22 years reach this fortune through her empire of cosmetics formed by ‘Kylie cosmetics’ and ‘Kylie Skin’ supposedly logr setting with their own money.

However, the same magazine has continued researching and stating that the finances of the business appear to be false because in reality you don’t have such amount of money as it says and inflates the figures.

According to an article in the publication, the team of Kylie and his mum Kris Jenner may have faked documents so it would seem that the celebrity-generated ms income.

In this way, Forbes decided to take away the title of ‘billionaire’ and reveal their suspicions

After that the magazine public this theory, the sister of Kim Kardashian public a series of tweets in your account to refute the rumours.

“How am I waking up? She thought that this was a publication with a good reputation. All I see are a series of statements, inaccurate statements and assumptions without checking. I’ve never asked any title or I lied to get it. NEVER. point”, public Kylie.

“Creating tax returns that were probably counterfeit. That is your proof? So he only thought that they were counterfeit? What I’m reading?”.

“But est well, I have been blessed throughout the years. I have a beautiful daughter, a successful business and I’m perfectly well,” concluded Kylie Jenner.

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