Learn more about sexy son of Will Smith, Trey


The actor and comedian Will Smith not only stands out for his flawless participation in numerous films and series, but also for their family relationship. In their social networks, Smith doesn’t skimp on sharing pictures with your children and your wife and that is what has surprised us recently: there is a first son of Will Smith who all did not know.
It is Trey Smith, a 26-year-old with which he had not been a good relationship until recently when they both appeared in a video in their accounts of Instagramin the recognition that what bad has already happened.

“Things have not always been well between Trey and me. We struggled for years after my divorce from his mother. She felt betrayed and abandoned. It is a tremendous blessing to recover and restore this precious relationship with my beautiful son,” says Smith.

The also film producer has proven that with their other two children Jaden, 20 years old, and Willow, 18, the closeness is much greater and they have been seen together in public appearances and red carpets. Both have great popularity in the middle, becoming already in the reference of fashion and focus a lot of attention.

Who is Trey, the son of Will Smith?

The first son of Will Smith was born during his first marriage to Sheree Zampino, between 1992 and 1995, with whom she was well, to the point that has come to publish photographs along to it in his account of Instagram to wish him a happy birthday.
Trey, with traits very similar to those of his father, also is dedicated to the performance, the fruit of which we have seen as a guest actor in such series as All of Us, produced by his own father. In addition, the young stands out as a player on the Junior Varsity team.

In their social networks, we can see that the personality of Trey is style conservative, very handsome, tender, and family, by his emotive comments to their friends and loved ones.