Margot Robbie reveals what was his reaction after that Brad Pitt will thank you to your feet in the SAG 2020


Last Sunday, after winning the prize as Best supporting Actor, Brad Pitt he gave a hilarious speech at the SAG Awardswhere not only praised his co-stars, but also thanked him to his feet: “I want to thank my co-stars, Leo, Margot Robbie feet, Margot Robbie, the feet of Margaret Qualley, the feet of Dakota Fanning“ well, ” said the actor, adding in jest, “Seriously, Quentin has spread to more women with your shoes that the TSA“.

Although during the gala Margot Robbie did not comment in this regard, in a recent occurrence in the event of Harleywood, she was approached by Nischelle Turner of ET and revealed what was his reaction: “When he said it I was like… ‘What are you doing?’”, he told Robbie to the environment. “And then he made that joke the TSA, and I said, ‘That was very funny!‘”. Quentin Tarantinofilmmaker responsible for the acclaimed movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood“, is renowned for its fetish with the feet.

The joke of Pitt clearly was referring to the obsession of the
director by portraying them on a recurring basis in the plans, details, such as
can be seen in all his work. Pitt also brought out his love life
high-profile with a joke a passenger on the applications of dating. While
receiving the award, the star looked the prestigious trophy and said: “I’m going to add this to my profile on Tinder“.

Robbie also said on that commentary: “I said, ‘is Going to be so many fake accounts of Brad Pitt Tinder’, at the time that what people said was like, ‘Oh my God! I have to matchear with Brad Pitt!‘”. Meanwhile, Robbie, along with the star Jurnee Smollett-Bell, could not be more proud of the work done in his next film: “Birds Of Prey”.

“It was a long road to get here, but in the end they put their money where they needed to be“ said Robbie about Warner Bros. giving an opportunity to the film. “They said: ‘I Think that an action movie directed by women, could go well, and we’re going to go with ‘Birds Of Prey’. And that is something incredible”. The tape in the hands of the filmmaker, Cathy Yan, will arrive in cinemas on 6 February, for more information we recommend this other previous article.