Meghan and Harry pay for his long-awaited search of tranquility


Harry and Meghan, sick and tired of the media pressuredecided to take a step back and stop being part of the royalty. Crossed the pond and after an initial stay in Canada, the couple settled definitely in Los Angeles.

There has begun her dream, to start a new life freed from the protocol of the Palace, the formal commitments of the Royal House and more distant from the focus.

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But, their new status as celebrities they are not allowing you to enjoy the desired peace of mind. The paparazzi have not stopped to follow the steps of the Sussex despite the fact that have shielded the mansion where they are living, owned by actor Tyler Perry, by placing opaque shades around the perimeter of the farm. Nothing has served. What Sussex even have reported that are being monitored by drones that are flying over your house to few meters of height.

The Sussex. (EFE)
The Sussex. (EFE)

The son and the daughter-in-law of Charles of England have decided to take letters in the matter and to further strengthen your security. But the move has cost them dearly. The Sussex they have hired the services of a team of agents you are in charge of protecting the most famous people in Hollywood, as he has revealed ‘Sunday Mirror’.

This team that protects Meghan, Harry and Archie and oversees everything that has to do with your security, has been placed at the disposal of the couple by Gavin de Becker, former chief security officer to president Ronald Reagan. All this involves the price of hiring very high. According to the british mentioned, the Sussex must pay 7.700 euros per day to be able to feel peaceful and safe.

Aerial view of the house in which they are installed Harry and Meghan. (Google)
Aerial view of the house in which they are installed Harry and Meghan. (Google)

Becker protects 90 of the families and people most exposed on the planetthe reason why celebrities turn to it often. A source has confessed to the ‘Sunday Mirror’ that ” Harry and Meghan have full confidence in the firm Becker. They are highly recommended. It is the company’s largest security Los Angeles and, by far, the most respected”.

In addition Oprah Winfrey or Alanis Morissette, Gavin de Becker has clients such as, for example, the head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna or even Barbra Streisand.