Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth arrive at an agreement to get a divorce


With the change of the year, and the consequent change of decade, finally Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth will be able to begin their lives separately, after in the last few hours has been known to have come to an agreement for your divorce. It has not been easy, because from the past few months both have been found immersed in this dispute.

There has been No economic problems

One of the things that have delayed this agreement is the economic, although both Miley like Liam were very foresighted for a little over a year, when in the christmas of 2018 signed a prenuptial agreement by which was all neatly tied up in regards to the division of property.

What is certain is that both have already begun their respective lives after their marriage and have already found their respective new romances. They both wanted to close the chapter as soon as possible and that is why will be the next December 31, when appearing with their lawyers to present the agreement. In this way, one could say that in your case you will begin the year in the best way possible: divorced.

Pets, for Miley

One aspect that would have complicated even more, if possible, this divorce would be children, although the couple did not have during their marriage. Yes that would be pets, in particular dogs that will guard the singer.

With this agreement reached at the end of months with ‘darts’ towards each other, but would the majority of Miley Cyrus towards australian actor. It was the brother-in-law of Elsa Pataky that ended in divorce a few months ago. The Spanish actress would recognize that there have been a few moments easy the lived by the brother of her husband after starting the process.

‘Reactions’ to different networks

While, in their social networks, both of which have been shown in the last few hours. The american singer would make showing off the family during these holidays and also groom, put on several of their usual stories out Cody Simpsonthat is also going on these last few hours with the family of Miley.

Liam Hemsworth, on the contrary, the singer, is not a usual social networks. Or at least not what it has been during these last few months. However, in the last hours, yes reappeared in networks with a publication that we saw him with a beer and what appears to be a portable fridge, to which he attached the message “secured and loaded, bring me the holidays”with a smile very liberating that denotes your new state of mind.